Philadelphia's most exciting Cuban band

Customer Testimonials

Brian J.

During our wedding planning process, my wife and I decided to reach out to the band via their email address listed on their website to see if they even played weddings and if they'd happen to be available the weekend we had chosen. Jeff, the bandleader and founder, responded shortly after saying that while he wouldn't be available he could certainly assemble a group that weekend of other band members.They were very flexible in allowing us to decide how many pieces we wanted, what instrumentation, and for how long they'd play. We settled on a quintet featuring vocals, percussion, electric guitar, acoustic bass, and trumpet. The band performed for our "dancing" portion of the evening, as opposed to the cocktail hour (which would also be a very tasteful choice), we were just more interested in their infectious dance rhythms to get our guests up and moving. And that they did!In summary, we had an absolutely wonderful and memorable evening largely due to Conjunto Philadelphia. Our guests loved the music, even the ones not previously interested or exposed to Cuban music. The guys in the band were pleasant, courteous, and professional. Jeff and I arranged every detail via email and he was great to work with; vey flexible and generous. I'd highly recommend considering them for your wedding or really any event. Honestly, their rate is a steal and is much less expensive than your standard "wedding band" yet their music is way more interesting and fun. We couldn't be happier.

Jenna G.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jeff and Conjunto Philadelphia. This group played for my wedding in October and were 100% the life of the party. My husband and I love to dance, particularly to salsa music and got to see Conjunto Philadelphia play downtown in Philadelphia over the summer before. The live music added something very special to the party- it was the perfect way to bring our families together. People continue to tell us how much fun they had and how awesome the band was. I truly cannot imagine the night without them playing. Jeff is also very easy to communicate with and was open to any requests that we had. I wish I could add a photo to this review!

Andrew W.

Saw them at the Community Arts Center recently where they rocked the Cuban beat. Very entertaining. The lead singer and frontman Andres deals out a highly skilled and smooth performance, dancing through many of the songs. If you like Latino and Pre-revolutionary Cuban, this is the band for you. They are tight, and poised to break out onto the international scene. All musicians are of A+ quality. Keep your eyes peeled for them.

Jen M.

Episcopal Academy's Upper School students had an amazing morning with Conjunto Philly this week.  As part of a two-week course on Cuban history and culture for twenty-five of our sophomores and juniors, the group sent four of their musicians to conduct three 45-minute workshops with our students on Cuban music: vocals, percussion and strings.  Each of these workshops was both instructive, weaving in the kind of Cuban history that will make the students more informed listeners, and interactive.  We then brought everyone together for a 45-minute performance by the band, which allowed everything the students had just learned to be heard more fully.  The students responded by clapping the clave, singing along, shaking maracas and egg shakers, and even dancing.  The energy and enthusiasm of the band were infectious.  We just wished they could have stayed longer. 

Beth B.

We heard Conjunto Philadelphia at World Cafe Live and knew we wanted them for our wedding band. We splurged on the five-piece combo (cause you gotta have the trumpet, right) and people walked in thinking we had a really great DJ...but it was live! We had to move the wedding inside at the last minute and they adapted their volume to the space. Everyone danced since you really can't sit still with their music playing. We still go back to WCL for Havana Night just to relive the wedding and dance! Punctual, responsive and real sweethearts. We recommend them for the Best. Wedding Band. Ever.

Ana P.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit of my personal experience at Longwood Gardens hearing Conjunto Philadelphia. Although rain was scheduled in the forecast for that day, this did not stop us. My parents had arrived from Cuba after visiting family on Thursday evening and it was time for them to be with their family in the US. I started walking alone outside of the conservatory as I heard a familiar melody and rhythm I was born and raised with way before I arrived to the states from Cuba. I really thought that in the midst of my meditation I was "just hearing things in my head" but the sound got louder as I walked towards the beer garden - that’s when I knew it was real.  The relaxing sounds of music brought clarity to my rainy day (physically, mentally and spiritually). I couldn’t speak nor was I able to express my feelings....but one thing I was able to do was to have all of my emotions present in every single lyric, every slap of the congas and every chord of the guitar and bass. That’s when I was able to fill my spirit with gratitude and acceptance knowing that everything somehow will all work out. Not to mention the way the irresistible sound of music brought people from all walks of life, culture and age to the moist dance floor in raincoats and umbrellas.